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Professional Beauty Treatments

Prepare to arrive and raise your new level of normal with beauty treatments from Pamper Parlour. Get treated to a variety skin peels, a quick 30 minute pamper or receive a personalised facial that your skin will thank you for and choose from lash styles from Russian to Classic, and more.

Fully Qualified & Insured Skin Specialist

All treatments provided are carried out by a professional and qualified skin specialist. Prior to each treatment an the practitioner will happily spend their time talking over any questions you may have.

Skin Care

Proskin 30
30 minute treatment

Perfect facial for people who need a quick pamper.

Proskin 60
1 hour treatment

Personalised facial to your skin needs. Includes a lymph drainage massage.

Facial Skin Peel

Hollywood facial
1 hour 30 minute treatment

This includes LED light therapy and microdermabrasion.

Pro eye peel
20 minute treatment

Using gentle fruit acids to hydrate, brighten and tighten the eye are.


Classic lashes
2 hour treatment

Applied to individual lashes, perfect if you have a healthy amount of lashes.

Russian lashes
2 hour 30 minute treatment

Lovely thick lashes that are made from the same fibres as classic lashes.

Hybrid lashes
2 hour 30 minute treatment

A versatile offering that gives the appearance of a thicker, denser look.

Russian volume lashes
2 hour 30 minute treatment

A volume look of lashes bonded together, being applied to the natural lashes.

Price list

# Treatement Duration Price Action
1 Proskin 30 30 minutes £35
2 Proskin 60 1 hour £55
3 Hollywood facial 1 hour 30 minutes £55
4 Proskin 60 + pro peel 1 hour 30 minutes £95
5 Proskin 30 + pro peel 45 minutes £70
6 Pro eye peel 20 minutes £25
7 Classic lashes 2 hours £35
8 Russian lashes 2 hours 30 minutes £50
9 Hybrid lashes 2 hours 30 minutes £55
10 Russian volume lashes 2 hours 30 minutes £55